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ENG 035 Statics Assignment 7 Due on Nov. 21 st (Tue), 2006 1. Two forces are applied to the truss at joint E as shown. Note that the surface of the roller support at joint A is not horizontal. Determine the force in members DB, DC, DE, and DG using any method of joints or sections or combination of those two.
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Unformatted text preview: (Express each member force with a positive magnitude and indication of tension or compression). 2. Problem 6.101 on Page 328. 3. Problem 6.112 on Page 329. 4. Problem 6.129 on Page 337. 5. Problem 6.145 on Page 340. 6. Problem 5.32 on Page 244. 7. Problem 5.7 on Page 232....
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