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Assignment 9 - positive and negative bending moments...

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ENG 035 Statics Assignment 9 Due on Dec. 5 th (Tue), 2006 1. Problem 7.30 on Page 369. 2. Problem 7.31 on Page 369. 3. Problem 7.37 on Page 369. 4. Problem 7.153 on Page 406. 5. For the beam AB below, knowing that P = Q = 500 lb , determine (a) the distance a for which the maximum absolute value of the bending moment in beam AB is as small as possible, (b) the corresponding value of | M max |. ( Hint : Draw the bending-moment diagram and then equate the absolute values of the largest
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Unformatted text preview: positive and negative bending moments obtained). 6. Problem 7.45 on Page 370. ------------------------------------------------------------ 7*. ( Extra Credit ) The angle strut is welded to the end C of the I-beam and supports the 1.6 kN vertical force. (a) Determine the bending moment at B and the distance x to the left of C at which the bending moment is zero; (b) Construct the moment diagram for the beam....
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