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Pro-Health Care 1 Justice and Health Care Norman Daniels’s “Is There a Right to Health Care…?” I. Revisiting the Nature of Rights A. A right can be conceived as a: 1. Liberty (an authority) 2. Claim held against other people B. Our claim against others can be negative (a negative right) or it be positive (a positive right) 1. Negative rights require others to refrain from doing something to us 2. Positive rights require that others do something for us (help, benefit us) II. The Right to Health Care A. For any given person, the right to health care is typically thought of as a positive right that others (society as a whole) give of some of their resources so as to ensure she has access to “basic” medical care B. The right to healthcare can be conceived of as either a legal right or a moral right, or both 1. One has a legal right that X obtains when the law of their particular society requires or permits that X obtains 2. One has a moral right that X obtains when morality or justice requires that X
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