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Maria Dairo February 25, 2008 Rhetoric 104 Outline Instructor: Bob Hayes I. Introduction: The Presidential election of 2000 created a major dispute in the American voting system. The controversy was created when George W. Bush who at the time was governor of Texas won the election with 271 electoral votes over Vice President Al Gore who had 266 electoral votes. In the election Gore earned most of the popular vote over Bush with 51,003,926 while Bush had 50,460,110. The state of Florida increased the controversy when it had difficulty awarding its 25 electoral votes to a candidate. From the presidential election of 2000 there were several conclusions that were made that were clear to most people. The general conclusion was that there needed to be a change in the electoral system. Some people see the need for a change while others view it as bad. The supporters for a
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Unformatted text preview: change in the Electoral College believe that the Electoral College is an unequal representation of voters. (site). However, those opposed to the change believe that the Electoral College maintains consistency in the election system. The Electoral College should be changed because the American society is constantly changing from being uniformed about current events towards being knowledgeable voters. II. Founding Fathers a. Their goals of what the hoped and viewed for America b. The creation of the electoral college c. How it works? III. The flaws in the Electoral College a. Discuss former elections and how the electoral college served as negative b. Unfair to the American people because their vote is not being fully represented c....
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