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Elizabeth I: Domestic Policy History: Ascended the throne 11/17/1558 -very educated, ability to inspire -spoke 6 languages fluently -very indecisive -“protestant savior” restoring Protestantism to England -she rejected the pope, but she rejected all extremes I. Aims as a queen a. Law and Order i. Created new office called the lords lieutenant in the law department 1. Trained and equipped law enforcers 2. Collected taxes ii. Increased the number of JP (justice of the peace) from 10 to 50 per county by the end of her reign 1. Wealthy, land owning families would become JPs 2. Had many duties and responsibilities a. A lot of administrative work b. Dealt with crime and punishment c. Set wage rates and collected tolls for bridges and canals d. Under control of the queen, but the queen couldn’t be too strict on them because they weren’t paid a salary, instead were paid on a nominal fee 3. If they agreed with the queen’s political policies, they would be much more efficient and work harder to enforce the laws 4. If they disagreed, they would often gravely underestimate taxes b. Raise enough money for administration i. Queen was very frugal and didn’t like to spend money, which helped reduce bankruptcy 1. Revenue of the crown increased by 200,000 pounds to 300,000 pounds annually a. However, increase is mainly due to rise in inflation
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2. Saved 100,000 pounds per year 3. Until Liz went to war with Spain in 1585, she didn’t acquire many debts, and even though the war lasted 18 years, she only was 13,000 pounds in debt 4. She never reevaluated the customs duties or land values 5. Never kept up with inflation a. JP’s still would seriously under assess the taxes 6. Never married or set up household which saved a lot of money 7. Not generous to the people underneath her a. Led to some corruption because people weren’t adequately rewarded b. Fine line between reward and bribe 8. Low taxed helped to maintain a stable kingdom increased problems with the Stuarts took the throne and actually corrected taxes with inflation rates c. Look out for the welfare of subjects i. Liz knew she needed the support and cooperation of her subjects
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notesonelizabeth1 - Elizabeth I: Domestic Policy History:...

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