NOTES ON CH 12 - NOTES ON CH 12 What is Motivation?...

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NOTES ON CH 12 What is Motivation? Motivation – A need or desire that energizes behavior and directs it tward a goal. 4 Perspectives to understand motivated behavior: 1) Instinct Theory (evolutionary perspective) 2) Drive reduction theory 3) Arousal theory 4) Maslows hierarchy of needs What is Instinct Theory? Instinct theory classified all sorts of behaviors as instincts What is the definition of instinct? Instinct – A complex behavior that is ridgidly patterened throughout a species and is unlearned. Why doesn’t instinct theory explain motivation very well? - Instinct theory did not explain motivation well because instinct theorists were simply naming behaviors and not explaining them. What is drive reduction theory? The idea that a physiological need creates and aroused state that drives the organism to reduce the need. Example: You don’t eat for 12 hours (need), that feeling in your stomach is a sign that you are in an aroused state (dive) and that arousal causes you to want to eat (drive – reducing behavior). What is homeostasis? The maintenance of a steady internal state. Homeostasis is the physiological aim of drive reduction.
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What is incentive theory? Incentive theory goes hand in hand with drive reduction theory. It explains our behaviors by stating that they are influenced by incentives (positive and negative stimuli that lure and repel us). When there is both a need and incentives humans become strongly driven. What is arousal theory? We must remember that humans are not just homeostatic systems. Many motivated behaviors increase arousal. What is meant by optimal arousal level? - Human motivations do not aim to eliminate arousal, but also to seek optimum levels of
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NOTES ON CH 12 - NOTES ON CH 12 What is Motivation?...

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