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Art history more

Art history more - Context of image provides more...

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Art History 6E Notes 2/11/08 Native identities DO exist, but to some extent it is a conscious and political choice. Contemporary Native American artists exist within contemporary art culture. They engage their cultural identity within the culture in certain ways. Abstraction: carried down by native cultures abstraction vs. realistic versions of the same landscape: Kay Walkingstick The appropriation of Western influences by Native Americans, etc, is considered an abandonment of authenticity. Visa versa is not true…. Hypocrisy and prejudice in the modern art community. Photography veri – tries to capture the reality of day-to-day life. The conditions of Native American people – honest portrayals of their hardships.
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Unformatted text preview: Context of image provides more information. Possible to get lost in the details. Indigenous art pieces often portrayed in art museums as solitary objects, completely devoid of context. Example of art in context: Yoruba king sits in a throne covered in regalia including kente cloth and ornate jewelry. He sits in modern chair (notice stool). The king represents the entire cultural embodiment. He’ s a physical manifestation of that culture. His beaded crown originally only supposed to be for king that came from original lineage. A demon face is beaded onto the crown– he inhabits the demon somewhat. Ppl used to believe you could die from looking directly in king’s eyes, there is an element of evil to him....
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Art history more - Context of image provides more...

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