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Parliment vs. Congress - between Congress and parliament...

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Maria Dairo February 4, 2008 Comparison Assignment Instructor: Robert Haynes British Parliament and American Congress- show After America broke away from the British in July of 1776, the colonists came together to form their own government. A government that they felt was reliable and that they could trust. The formed a representative democracy Similar to the Americans the British also changed their government. The change was obvious in the 12 th century when councils were held. There are many similarities and differences between the American government and British government particularly
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Unformatted text preview: between Congress and parliament. Parliament and Congress are used for the same purpose which is to make laws. However, the powers given to them are different to each other. The two distinct houses of government for British parliament was formed in the 14 century. The two houses were called the Commons and the Lords. The Commons were people who were to represent different counties, towns, and cities. While the Lords were nobles and clergy....
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