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Grading Criteria for Sexuality Education Resource Assignment - 30 points possible Student Name: Resource List (4 points) ______All items pertain to the student's APPROVED topic (T)/developmental messages (DM)/developmental level (DL) from SIECUS Guidelines. ______Each item is either appropriate for use by educators teaching the approved DL, or by students at the approved DL, or parents of students at the approved DL. ______Actual list is typed without student name or ID and without staples. ______Assignment is turned in on due date (3 penalty points will be deducted for each day late) Professional, Scholarly, Peer Reviewed (Refereed) Articles (5-1/2 points) ______2 complete, articles are provided on approved T/DM/DL, appropriate for use by teachers, students or their parents ______each article is from a professional, peer-reviewed or refereed journal ______no article is dated before 2002 ______APA style correctly used for references of articles on Resource List Popular Periodical Article (3 points)
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