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SEXUALITY EDUCATION RESOURCE ASSIGNMENT - 30 points Complete the Information Sheet for the Sex Ed Resource and Lesson Plan Assignments and turn into me no later than 9/26/07 . The Information Sheet is posted on the e-reserve course page. Once I approve your topic for this assignment, you are can proceed with the sexuality education resource assignment. Compile the following items and/or information and then create a list of all these resources. 1. 2 complete articles from professional, scholarly journals ( peer-reviewed or refereed and not dated before 2002) on your topic. Use actual articles (do not use abstracts, digests, letters to the editor, commentaries, news columns, editorials, book reviews). The complete articles need to be turned in as well as referenced on the resource list.* 2. 1 complete article from a popular periodical (i.e., magazines) on your topic and not dated before 2002. Popular periodicals are NOT peer-reviewed or scholarly. Do not use newspapers or newsletters for this assignment. Use an actual article (do
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