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Written Lesson Plan and Presentation Assignment - 55 points Instructions for Lesson Plan Portion of the Assignment (35 points): Complete the Information Sheet for the Sex Ed Resource and Lesson Plan Assignments and turn into me no later than 9/26/07* . This sheet is posted on the e-reserve course page. Once I approve your topic for this assignment, you are can proceed with the development of your lesson plan. To do so, follow the guidelines listed below: 1. Identify the key concept, topic, grade level, and developmental messages. 2. Specify the learning objectives (what your students should be able to do after you teach this lesson). 3. Describe in detail the actual content that will be taught. 4. Describe in detail all of the teaching methods and materials that will be used. This section must include at least 1 learning activity that you will use to teach the lesson to your students. You are allowed to use a ready-made learning activity as one of the methods that you will use to teach the lesson plan.* However, I encourage you to create
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