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Ready-made Lesson Plan Presentation – 15 points Students will be assigned a ready-made sexuality lesson plan and facilitate portions of it to our class. Two to four students will be assigned the same lesson plan and work as a group to facilitate portions of it to the class. The lesson plans will be assigned and distributed to students. Once that is done, students will need to bring the entire printed lesson plan to each class. Scheduled dates and time limits for presentations of the lesson plans will be assigned to students. I will advise students which
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Unformatted text preview: specific parts of the lesson should be addressed. All students must actively participate in the facilitation/presentation of the lesson plan they are assigned. Some class time will be used for students to determine roles and responsibilities as well as what equipment and materials will be needed. Groups must notify me in writing by the end of class on 10/17/07 as to any materials, photocopies or other items which they need me to provide for their presentation. Additional information about this assignment will be provided as needed....
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