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Genevieve DiDonato EDPS 325 Dr. Jose (On-line course) Unit 2 Assignment Edward L. Thorndike was the first to conduct an experiment dealing with behavior, and its consequences. Thorndike’s experiment proved that the repetition of ineffective behavior will eventually lead to success. The repetition of errors was assisting the experiment animal (a cat) to succeed their goal of getting out of an enclosed box. The cat getting out of the box was a positive reinforcement, as well as a reward. The unwanted behavior can be reinforced positively or negatively, or the behavior could be extinct, with the use of punishment; therefore the way one chooses to handle unwanted behavior, will in turn project the behavioral outcome. B.F. Skinner coined the term “operant conditioning”, which is another type of learning that invokes one to repeat or stop the specified behavior due to the consequences brought upon by the behavior. If your response to the unwanted behavior results in the behavior continuing, you have then reinforced the behavior instead of eliminating the behavior. For instance, the text displays an excellent “real world” situation, where the reinforcement used results in a negative reinforcement device instead of a punishment tool. The example displays the parent waiting for the last possible second, and then looses her control and ends up using yelling as a reinforcement tool to stop the unwanted behavior; which reinforces the children to continue the behavior, instead of stopping the behavior. The yelling ended in failure, due to the children caring more about their fun, than the consequence. Instead of yelling, the text uses the idea of placing a suitable object to climb on, in place of the good chair. While this is an excellent idea, you could also use an activity or a game that involves physical movement, as well as the involving parental
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involvement. The parental involvement would assist the children with attention, as well as the
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Unit 2 Assignment - Genevieve DiDonato EDPS 325 Dr. Jose...

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