Motivational Movie Project

Motivational Movie Project - Group members: Natalie Vawter,...

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Group members: Natalie Vawter, Michelle 23 October 2006 EDP 310 Erin Carr Movie Project Dangerous Minds Aspect 1 (Background description of scene and movie) A former Marine Lou Anne Johnson (Michelle Pfeiffer) leaves an officer’s commission and a nine-year military career to pursue her dream of becoming an English teacher. She begins a new job at an inner-city school in California, when the principal warns her that her class will be the “rejects from Hell”-kids with severe social problems and no interest in education. At first, her African-American and Latino students ridicule Lou Ann. Frustrated that they have come to accept failure as a way of life, she ultimately gets them to open up to learning and literature, through a combination of bribery, intimidation, and more important her faith in her students. Ms. Johnson defies all the rules, creates her own curriculum and instructs this class of tough, inter-city teenagers from collage-level text. She loves her students and helps them to believe in themselves, in their spirit and in their potential. Aspect 2 (Appropriateness of movie clip) The scene’s setting is in Ms. Johnson’s classroom with her starting a lesson on a selected poem. Asking open-ended questions to the class regarding the reading, the students respond in silence. Prior to this scene a fight took place between two students named Emilio (a macho bully whose violence is stifling his academic potential) and Raul (the brightest student in the class, who is afraid to show his intelligence). The class feels that the teacher betrayed them by stopping the fight which then resulted into the student’s suspension. The class then shifts into passionate debate with the teacher on how they have accepted failure due to broken home and socio economic status. Ms. Johnson makes it clear that they have a choice and refers to a line in the poem. This then intrigues
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Motivational Movie Project - Group members: Natalie Vawter,...

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