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The lack of survival percentage inside the fetus can ultimately be chosen by the mother’s habits, where as it can also be pre- determined by genetics. There are many healthy women, whom have miscarriages, as well as unhealthy women, and over/ under-aged women. The term unhealthy can relate to an unhealthy diet, mental health, as well as there physical health. For instance, the text states that heroine and methadone drug user’s can ultimately cause the pre-born child’s death/ miscarriage. While Sweden conducted a study to see the affects that a mother’s age has on a child; the study concluded that an older aged woman was more likely to have a miscarriage. Whereas fetal assessment and treatment can be either a routine part of prenatal care or could be an associated reason of a miscarriage. An Ultrasonography has become a routine part of monitoring the fetal growth, where as “chronionic villus sampling (CVS)” and
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Unformatted text preview: amniocentesis can give feedback that the Ultrasonography can not do, it is also stated to be associated with heightening the risk of a miscarriage. Most miscarriages happen within the first trimester of prenatal development, due to the extra attention that is needed during the early stages of development. When an unplanned pregnancy occurs, one may not take the right precautions during the first trimester which could result in a fatal miscarriage. The specified reasons for miscarriages continue, to indicate why only half of conceptions actually survive to birth; but maybe, knowing the reasons can assist in raising the number to more than half of conceptions surviving to birth. While I am not stating that there isnt plenty of uncontrollable reasons for miscarriages, but that there are even more preventable reasons for miscarriages occurring at such high numbers....
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