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I do not agree with the amount of emphasis that Freud places upon the libido, within his "Psychosexual Stages"; but he did convey some valid points, which are also recognized and used by later theorist called "neo-Freudians". Erikson (neo-Freudian) displayed a great use of the strengths from Freud's theory, and developed what is known as the "Psychsocial Theory". While I agree fully with the amount of focus, both Freud and Erikson placed upon the early years of childhood (birth- 6 years old). The early years of a child life is when one learns to speak, is taught behavioral skills, daily hygiene, the importance of safety, and the list goes on. All of these concepts are used through out a person’s life, and can affect how well we do or don’t do a certain task. A child also learns both positive and negative reinforcement in the first six years of life. Skinner’s “operant conditioning” theory, explains what kind of affect reinforcement can have
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Unformatted text preview: upon a child. For instance, if a child is given partial reinforcement (with a certain negative issue being dealt with) it will become extremely tough to extinct that specific issue. Therefore, a child would most likely struggle with the extinction of this negative behavior, which would in turn cause problems in their future. For example, if the child was reinforced through out there first five to six years of life that: when you whine you get what you get what you want. This child would then bring those behaviors into there daily social lives, which would end up hindering many relationships through out the childs life. Which is exactly why, I place great emphasis upon the first six years of a childs life. I do not say this to be-little a childs later adolescent years, but rather to explain the importance and affect that the beginning of life plays, with the development of an individual....
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