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Skylark Mini Study Guide Paper

Skylark Mini Study Guide Paper - Genny DiDonato 19 November...

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Genny DiDonato 19 November 2006 THP 311 Drew Chappell Mini Study Guide Merits for Teaching Skylark Dreams is a great production for students in their junior or senior year of high school. This production points out many life lessons, such as: communication, the importance of listening, as well as “finding yourself.” The lessons are all pointed out in a comical way; the older students would definitely find humor in this production, as well as truth to what it teaches. Skylark Dreams Think Before You Speak Lesson Plan Get Students Attention: Close your eyes, and place yourself into Darrel and Denise’s world inside the garage. How would you react to Darrel’s anger if you were: EJ, Denise, Clint, Javier? How would you feel if you worked for Denise, and you saw her hold onto a Buick for eight years? Would you say anything to her? Why or why not? We will begin discussion about the Skylark Dreams play today. What was your first reaction to the play? What did you like about it? What would you of changed?
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