Self Esteem Lesson Plan 1

Self Esteem Lesson Plan 1 - Genny DiDonato 10 December 2006...

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Genny DiDonato 10 December 2006 THP 311 Drew Chappell Final Self- Esteem Be True to Yourself. . . .You never know what you may loose!? Audience: This is appropriate for grades 4 th - 12 th , but I am writing what I may say if I were doing this lesson with a group of 5 th graders. However it is written for one to easily adapt to any grade level, by only making minor changes. How I will grab their attention: When I was your age I remember doing things to fit in. I was constantly changing myself or just little things about who was; and to me I was doing this as a way of better fitting in. When I was 21 years old I remember looking back and laughing at the time I wasted thinking about what others thought, doing things and not doing things so that others would like me, etc. When in actuality I should of been spending that time on myself, doing things that I enjoyed, because quicker than I knew that time that I wasted vanished and is now irreplaceable. Examples: -I would put makeup on because I thought I needed to, when in fact my skin was flawless at that time, and wasn’t in need of any make up what so ever. Versus now I wear makeup to make myself feel good, and if I feel good then I am capable of making others feel good as well. I am also able to not wear makeup, and still recognize that I am a beautiful person without it. -When I had a crush on a boy in junior high and high school, I would spend time on trying to be that girl they wanted. I would take part in sports that I didn’t like, or I would take up a hobby that they liked but I had no interest in what so ever. Versus now I am myself, and if they don’t like it then I figure their not right for me (but this sure isn’t easy to accept all the time). Assessment of:
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Self Esteem Lesson Plan 1 - Genny DiDonato 10 December 2006...

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