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Unformatted text preview: Genny DiDonato 10 December 2006 THP 311 Drew Chappell Overview of All of My Lesson Plan’s Warm-up Lesson Plan: I have each student pick a piece of paper out of my hand. On the paper was a personality trait (worries to much, bossy, optimistic, etc.). Then each student was assigned a group, and each group choose a piece of paper that had a scenario written on it (You all car pooled to your cousin’s wedding, and got a flat tire on the way. & On top of it you were all already running late). From the scenario given you are to create a few minute improvisation of how your character would react. Facilitated Lesson Plan: This was a story drama lesson plan, which was done on the story “Anansi and The Sticky Man”. This lesson plan was done by both Jaime and I, she started it off by ready the story to the class. We then had the students go into their own area and close their eyes; they then were to become a spider. We then had the students re-enact what Anansi may look like in the garden. We become a spider....
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