Self- Esteem Lesson Plan 2

Self- Esteem Lesson Plan 2 - Genny DiDonato 10 December...

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Genny DiDonato 10 December 2006 THP 311 Drew Chappell Final Self- Esteem Compliment Your Classmates Audience: This lesson plan is versatile, and can be used with grades 5 th - 12 th ; but is written especially for fifth grade students. How I will grab their attention: I will begin by writing on the board: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. I first heard this expression from my Mom, and didn’t quite see the significance at the time. I now see many meanings, and uses for this saying. This saying means that the way you view an individual, versus how I see them is different through my eyes than yours. I may be looking at a metal trash can, and see a place to put my trash in; but you may see the can as a great thing to fill with ice, put drinks in and use as a cooler for your party. When I see all of you in class, I see a group of intelligent students who are capable of doing anything they set their minds to. Now I want all of you to think to yourself of positive behaviors that your classmates possess. For example: caring, artistic, athletic, kind hearted, etc. Behaviors are characteristics that come from within, therefore they are not something that can be altered or developed like a physical characteristic. Behaviors are things we do, or how we do things. Assessment of:
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Self- Esteem Lesson Plan 2 - Genny DiDonato 10 December...

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