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Genevieve DiDonato LITR 100 Unit 5 Dr. Eiss October 2007 Unit 5 Terms Novel: A novel is a book-length story in prose, whose author tries to create the sense that while we read, we experience actual life. The English novel came about later than other major literary forms, such as: drama, lyric, epic, etc; where as the English novel came about in the eighteenth century. Clara Reeve makes the distinguished difference between novel and romance in 1785, “The Novel is a picture of real life and manners, and of the time in which it was written.” There were many debates on what was an actual novel, there were statements saying that “Ulysses” is not a novel; due to its sense of dreaming and drunkenness, while arguing that a novel is nothing mere of the actual. Romance: Novels had many limitations, whereas romance that had no such limitations. A romance is said to be the “larger-than-life-story of daring deeds and high adventure”, the story could take place in the future, past or even in a timeless world. Clara Reeve states that romance “describes what never happened nor is likely to happen.” The text’s example of a Romance is, Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe . Epistolary Novel: Occasionally these epistolary novels contained letters by only one character; often they contained letters by several of the characters in the book. As expressed in our text, Samuel Richardson’s novel Pamela was in the form of personal letters; which is explained to give the story the look of not being “made-up” by the author, but instead was seen as being real life documents/ personal belongings of an individual. Daniel Defoe wrote
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Unit 5 Assignment - Genevieve DiDonato LITR 100 Unit 5 Dr....

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