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Alex Welch Clinical Psychology Professor Urdang 3-01-07 Midterm Exam For this paper I interviewed a fellow Wheaton student of whom I have only seen in passing. Carla is an eighteen year old freshman and is currently planning on majoring in Studio Art here at Wheaton College. I chose to interview a freshman because I thought it would be an interesting and very important time period in a person’s life. The transition of leaving home and going away to school can have a significant effect on someone’s personality and emotions and I was curious as to how other people handled the change. During the interview I discussed many topics with Carla such as her family life and her thoughts on leaving home as well as issues concerning money and relationships. Carla grew up in a small suburb of Philadelphia with her mother. Her parents got separated when she was four and went through a horribly drawn out divorce that started when Carla was four and was finalized when Carla was ten years old. Carla lived with her mother during this time and rarely saw her father at all. Her mother and father barely spoke to one another and Carla’s father refused to pay child support on numerous occasions which often resulted in vicious legal battles. Due to the fathers lack of financial support Carla and her mother were forced to move to a smaller house and had to drastically cut down on their expenses so her mother could send Carla to a good private school.
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When speaking of her father she was soft spoken but I could still sense the resentment in her voice as well as a hint of guilt. She later told me that she had barely spoken to her father in over 3 years but just recently before she had come to Wheaton he had contacted her a couple of times and seemed to want to start up some sort of a relationship, which I though accounted for the slight guilt that I heard in her voice. Due to the fact that it was only Carla and her mother for a large portion of her life she had an extremely close relationship with her other and attributes most of her sanity to her. She said that leaving her mother was one of the hardest things she had to deal with when leaving for school. I then continued to ask Carla about her cultural and ethnic background and she informed me that her mother was almost 100% Irish and her father was 100% Lebanese. She didn’t really identity with the culture from either her mother or fathers side but said that if she would have to identify her self as one or the other she would identify as Irish. I also assumed she did this because of her close relationship with her mother and her little knowledge of her father. When asked about her values and what she values most in life she was quick to respond that she placed great value on her friends and on her artwork, which she
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clinical midterm - Alex Welch Clinical Psychology Professor...

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