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Psychology 1013 – Spring 2008 Exam 1 Review Sheet The first exam will consist of multiple choice / true-false questions. A significant proportion of questions will stress the applied and conceptual aspects of what we have learned in the first 5 chapters. Recall that you are responsible for all material covered in the first 5 chapters (unless I explicitly noted to omit certain topics in class), even if the material was not discussed during lecture. Use the following as a guide while preparing for the test, but realize that this is not an exhaustive list of the material you are expected to understand and to be able to apply. Chapter 1 -psychology as a science - pseudoscience -empirical evidence/empirical research - -various theoretical perspectives of contemporary psychology (biological/learning/cognitive/sociocultural/psychodynamic) -different types of mental health professionals -psychologist vs. psychiatrist -types of psychotherapists -psychodynamic perspective -counseling/school/clinical psychologist
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