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social psych mini paper - 1 Implicit Attitude Test For this...

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Implicit Attitude Test For this paper I chose to participate in the Implicit Attitude test: Black and White Race at . I feel as though I should start of by defining implicit attitude as defined by Brehm Kassin and Fein (2005) an implicit attitude is an attitude, such as prejudice, that one is not aware of having. This website was created in 2002 in affiliation with the Social Psychology Network and was funded by the National Science Foundation and McGraw-Hill Higher Education. On this website you had a choice to either participate in either the Race test or the Gender test, I chose to participate in the Race test. The purpose of this study was to test and see if you have any hidden biases that your mind might not be consciously aware of, showing that your mind might evaluate the same concept on two different levels of thinking. To participate in this study you had to first fill out an information page with your age, sex, race, residing country and other questions asking you on a scale of 1-10 how you felt about your own race as well as others. There were also questions asking if you had any prejudices and how you felt about prejudices in general. Then you were given directions on the first page telling you that you were going to be given two options throughout the experiment and you were to select the option you thought was correct by pressing either the E key on the left side of the keyboard or the I key on the right side of the keyboard. For the first part of the experiment the two options on the top of the screen said European American on the left and African American on the right side, 1
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social psych mini paper - 1 Implicit Attitude Test For this...

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