Psychology Test - Psychology Test #2 Sleep/Consciousness:...

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Psychology Test #2 Sleep/Consciousness: Stages of Sleep: Stage 4- slow wave sleep – a lot of activity here Slow wave sleep is more frequent REM Sleep- “Rapid Eye Movement” – very similar to stage 1 Brain looks active – involuntary movements Eyes – active Body – dormant REM in the morning – “morning wood” Rebound Effects Deprivation of slow wave sleep and REM sleep Spends more time the next night in the deprived stage – 5-6 hours of sws Sleep disorders Apnea- Excessive day sleeping Stentorian snoring – snore pause pattern – body position Obesity – excessive neck girth rather than BMI Some people are lean – chock as they sleep – need forced air Insomnia- symptom not a diagnosis Caffeine, alcohol, prescription drugs, poor sleep hygiene, circadian rhythm disorders, psychiatric and medical disorders. Narcolepsy- Irresistible sleep attacks Night terrors- cause someone to awaken in a state of extreme panic screaming and seating with a heart rate up to triple the normal rate. Occur during stage 3 or 4 of sleep – not REM Children or stressed out people Learning Classic Conditioning- components, extinction, spontaneous recovery Pavlov’s Dogs Before Conditioning: Meat (unconditioned stimulant) – Dog Salivates (Unconditioned Result) – natural reaction Sound – no reaction from dog During Conditioning Sound (Conditioned Stimulant) + Meat (Unconditioned Stimulant) – unconditioned result After Conditioning Sound (Conditioned Stimulant) – Conditioned Result – Dog salivates – NOT natural react Extinction No meat – no salivation Spontaneous After rest: Sound – Dog Salivates (Reduced)
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Counter conditioning: Works with phobias = = + = = Operant Conditioning Components, extinction, spontaneous recovery Positive and negative reinforcement Increase Behavior Decrease Behavior
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Psychology Test - Psychology Test #2 Sleep/Consciousness:...

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