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Ch 2 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100)

Ch 2 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100) - Chapter 2 Greece to...

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1Chapter 2: Greece to 404 B.C. I. Geography A. Southern end of Balkan Peninsula B. Not a lot of natural resources C. Water D. Island of Crete II. Minoan Civilization (3000-1400 B.C.) A. No evidence that it was Greek B. Three major palace centers (Knossos, Phaistos, and Mallia) C. Lots of bull symbolism D. Decline III. Mycenean Civilization A. Number of important cities, one of which was Mycenae B. Used a form of Greek, written in Linear B, for record-keeping C. Formed a confederated army to fight Troy (non-Greek city) 1. Iliad 2. Odyssey D. Traded around Eastern Mediterranean E. Dominated Crete around 1400 B.C. IV. “Dark Ages” A. Illiterate B. Role of “Dorian Invasion”? C. Athens, Euboia, and eastern side of Aegean was Ionian V.Archaic and Classical Periods A. Idea of common Hellenic community 1. Joint religious celebrations 2. Others were barbaroi 3. Fought with each other on a regular basis B. Typical government 1. King or kings (hereditary or elected) 2. Aristocrats or elders 3. Assembly of citizens (male) C. Typical polis (by 600 B.C.) 1.
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