Ch 4 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100)

Ch 4 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100) - c. Senate 3. Issues...

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1 Chap. 4. Rise of the Roman Republic I. Periods and terms for Roman History A. Monarchy 1. Kings 2. Republic 3. Empire II. General considerations A. Chronology relative to Greece B. Geography C. Peoples of Italy and environs 1. Carthaginians in western Sicily 2. Greeks in eastern Sicily and southern Italy 3. Villanovans in northern Italy (south of Apennines) 4. Etruscan culture appears in Villanovan area III. Origins and expansion of Rome A. Geography B. Foundation legends C. Republican government 1. May represent patrician coup d’état-Struggle of the Orders 2. Three parts to government a. Assemblies b. Magistrates
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Unformatted text preview: c. Senate 3. Issues D. Romes neighbors 1. Greeks to south 2. Etruscans to north (and later south) 3. Gauls 4. Latins E. Warfare IV. Ordinary life A. Family main economic unit B. Controls C. Religion V. Punic Wars (with Carthage) A. Carthage B. First Punic War (264-241)-First World War C. Second Punic War (218-202 B.C.)-Second World War VI. Macedonian Wars and others A. Second (201-197) B. War against Antiochus (Seleucid) (191-188 B.C.) C. Third (172-167 B.C.) D. Spain E. 146 B.C. F. Creation of seven provinces...
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