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Ch 6 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100)

Ch 6 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100) - Chapter 6 Later...

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1 Chapter 6. Later Roman Empire (180-500) I. Political History A. Rome’s situation in 180 1. Prosperity 2. Low grade border wars 3. Small army-about half million 4. Government revenues equal to, or exceeded, expenses B. New factors 1. Plague under Marcus Aurelius 2. ?Septimius Severus militarizes Empire? 3. De-Romanization of Empire 4. Rise of Sassanids C. Problems 1. Political 2. Administrative 3. Economic-compel people to do what their parents did 4. Religion D. Solutions in period of chaos 1. Two emperors 2. Division of civilian and military rule 3. Increased governmental role for non- senators E. Diocletian (284-305) 1. Divide Empire into two 2. Divide army into frontier garrisons and mobile internal force 3. Create separate military and civilian officials 4. Groups by-now little provinces into dioceses (about size of old province)
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5. Mandate economic immobility 6. Control inflation by wage and price controls (Doc. 5.2, p. 115) 7. Voluntarily resigns in 305 F. Constantine (306-37) 1. Son of a Caesar who tries to seize power in West 2.
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