Ch 8 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100)

Ch 8 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100) - 2 Custom hampered...

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1 Chap. 8: Feudalism and Manorialism I. External threats to western European continent (9 th and 10 th centuries) A. Three enemies 1. Vikings 2. Muslims (“Saracens”) 3. Magyars B. Better Defense 1. Heavy infantry could defeat these enemies 2. Two innovations a. Horseshoe b. Stirrup (rider could brace himself) c. Greater value to cavalryman 3. Castles provide defense 4. Expensive to be a cavalryman, and to maintain castle 5. Therefore, cavalrymen must be given a piece of land with its own labor force II. Feudalism A. “Feudalism exists when a vassal holds a fief of a lord.” B. Based on loyalty to lord and force of oath (see Doc. 8.3, p. 185)-enclosing of hands (Ill. 8.5, p. 183) C. Exchange D. Vassal could be ecclesiastic E. Multiple loyalties F. Decentralization of power 1. Pyramid idea is misleading
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Custom hampered lord. G. Chivalry (“cheval”) III. Manorialism-different from feudalism, manors existed before feudalism, manorialism a modern term A. Lord of the manor B. Exchange IV. England and France A. England controlled by Saxons in South, Celts in fringes, Danes in North B. William the Conqueror created the most unified kingdom in Europe C. Relationship to France V. France A. Starts out as small area around Paris B. Challenges English claims C. Weakened King John forced to accept Magna Carta from English barons 1. Doc. 8.6, p. 196 2. Barons have rights 3. Fount of English liberties? VI. Germany A. Otto the Great (936-73) holds eastern and middle kingdom B. Links to papacy...
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Ch 8 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100) - 2 Custom hampered...

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