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Ch 9 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100)

Ch 9 outline (Western Civ. Hist. 100) - Chap 9 Medieval...

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1 Chap. 9: Medieval Religion and Thought I. Medieval Period A. Good 1. Centered on Christian faith 2. People worked together. B. Bad 1. Faith/superstition rather than reason 2. Selfish motives masked in hypocritical piety C. Within medieval period there were people who said things are bad, and we need to improve them. II. Medieval Reform A. Paradox of monasticism 1. Avoid materialism 2. Best way to get rich 3. Wealth accumulates, leads to weakening of core values B. Reform movement at Cluny (Benedictine) 1. Follow Benedictine rule 2. Papacy 3. Bishops 4. Local clergy 5. Source of clout–secular ruler!–emperor Henry III (12 th century) 6. Starting in 1061 papal election put under College of Cardinals C. Investiture Controversy–papal vs. secular control of Church 1. Problem. 2. Crisis 3. Compromise in Concordat of Worms (1122) 4. Frederick Barbarossa 5. Frederick II (1194-1250) D. Church reform 1. Hierarchical church administration 2. Triumph of monastic ideal E. Crusades 1. Peace of God and Truce of God 2. Reconquista 3.
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