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1 Chap. 10: Economy and Cities in High Middle Ages I. Three prejudices A. Technology 1. Good a. Labor-saving devices b. Requires capital c. Requires certain materials 2. Individual enterprise encourages technology 3. People develop the technology that they think they need. B. Transport C. Cities good, country bad 1. City air breathes free 2. Cities create middle class II. Population A. Doubles between 1000 and 1250, along with food production B. Reasons for increased production 1. Defeat of raiding peoples
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Three-field crop rotation instead of two 3. Better plow for Europe north of Alps 4. Use of horses 5. Scythe rather than sickle III. Growth or cities A. Cities do not fit into feudalism or manorialism B. Crusades create knowledge of, and market for, luxury goods C. Finance D. Growth of cloth industry E. Guilds 1. “Union of owners” 2. Purposes 3. Apprentices, journeymen, and masters F. Expansion of cities...
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