Writing Assignment 1 (p2) (Western Civ. Hist. 100)

Writing Assignment 1 (p2) (Western Civ. Hist. 100) -...

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Writing Reference For Formal Papers, Compiled by A. O’Mahen, 2/2004 Allison O'Mahen Malcom 10 Point Check-List for Paper Writing Structure, Ideas, and Flow: You should check over the paper in the following order. Goals: Does the paper meet the goals of the assignment? Does it answer all the questions specified in the assignment? Does it fit the goals of the class? (A history paper should be about history, for example.) Thesis: Is the thesis strong? Does it summarize the point of the paper in a direct, succinct way? If not, the first sentence of the last paragraph just might. Make that the thesis instead. A thesis should answer a ‘how’ or ‘why’ question. Introduction: Does the introduction lead the reader into the paper in a clear way? Does its length match the length of the paper? (A two-page paper should have a concise introduction. A 15-page paper might have a page long introduction.) Is the opening sentence interesting? Conclusion: Does the conclusion say anything? In a short paper, it is OK to have a short conclusion; simply concisely reiterate the point of the paper. If possible, make some bold and speculative statements that go beyond the scope of the paper. However, if these lines sound trite or preachy, take them out. Do you use the words “In conclusion?” If so, remove them. Does the paper insult the reader’s intelligence? Do not rewrite the entire paper in the conclusion. Outline of Paper: Does each of the paragraphs have a clear point, or do they jump around? Try to outline mentally the finished paper. If it cannot be done, the paper needs to be organized. Does each paragraph logically transition into the next?
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Writing Assignment 1 (p2) (Western Civ. Hist. 100) -...

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