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Matthew Miller History 100 18 Oct. 2007 Maps of Time : Chapter 8 Chapter Eight is entitled, Intensification and Origins of Agriculture. The chapter discusses life on Earth following the last ice age referring to it as a fundamental turning point in human history. At this point agriculture appeared and the human population grew as societies began to form. Humans could not manage in great numbers as a nomadic people, but with the ability to create their own food source they were able to manage living in much larger groups. This marked the beginning of the practice of sedentism. Sedentism made these larger groups rely less on foraging and more on agriculture to survive. This era is known as The Holocene , which is characterized by a “world with few worlds.” The world was divided into four regions: the Afro- Eurasian, Australia/Papua New Guinea, Pacific, and American World Zones. Remarkably, agriculture appeared essentially simultaneously in three of the four world zones. Through collective learning and the desire to extract resources from the environment more
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