Quiz 06-672239FF-99DF-11D2-A076-0090271E0FF5-572E6-M

Quiz 06-672239FF-99DF-11D2-A076-0090271E0FF5-572E6-M - Cl C...

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ORGANIC CHEMISTRY CH 313-02 Quiz 06 April 21, 2005 Directions: This quiz is due in my office by Monday noon. Name: ________________________________________________________ 1. (5) 2-Ethyl-1,3-hexanediol is the active ingredient in the insect repellant "6- 12". Suggest a synthesis of this compound from precursors with four or less carbons. OH OH 2. (5) Suggest a synthesis of CS, a component of tear gas.
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Unformatted text preview: Cl C N C N 3. (5) Outline a synthesis of acetylcholine iodide using as organic starting materials: dimethylamine, oxirane, iodomethane, and acetyl chloride. CH 3 N + CH 2 CH 2 O C CH 3 O CH 3 CH 3 I-4. (5) Propose a mechanism that can explain the following reaction. N + O-CO 2 H O O O N + CH 3 O-O O...
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Quiz 06-672239FF-99DF-11D2-A076-0090271E0FF5-572E6-M - Cl C...

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