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Mayzell 1 Heather Mayzell Prof. Rosario Basay HOD 2260.01 October 15, 2007 HOD 2260. Homework Assignment No.3 1. (15 points) Visit the web page for the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at: ; collecting the appropriate statistics, update the Table 3.1 (page 116 of our textbook) for the year 2006. Employment Status of the Non-institutional, Civilian Population 2005 Non-institutional Population: 226,082 Civilian Labor Force Number: 149,320 Percentage of Population: 66% Employed Total: 141,730 Agricultural Industries: 2,197 Non-agricultural Industries: 139,532 Unemployed Number: 7,591 Percentage of Labor Force: 5.1% Not in Labor Force: 76,762 2006 Non-institutional Population: 228815 Civilian Labor Force Number: 151,428 Percentage of Population: 66.2% Employed Total: 144,427 Agricultural Industries: 2,206 Non-agricultural Industries: 14,221 Unemployed Number: 7,001 Percentage of Labor Force: 4.6% Not in Labor Force: 77,387 2. (20) Nearly 3.2 million people in the United States work full-time “graveyard” shifts. Some common experiences of working nights include not feeling “quite as aggressive and rested (compared to) working the day shift”, and feeling “dysfunctional as a parent”. In fact, one study has shown that night workers are more susceptible to heart attacks, gastrointestinal disorders, and depression. Given that working during the night is less desirable than working during the day:
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Mayzell 2 a) If you were to draw an indifference curve for night-shift workers (label it as I N ) and for day-shift workers (label it as I D ), how different in shape will they be? Which one will be flatter and why? The indifference curve for day-shift workers (I
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econ 3 - Mayzell 1 Heather Mayzell Prof Rosario Basay HOD...

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