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CS536 Lectures

How to Design Programs: An Introduction to Programming and Computing

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http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~kfisler/Courses/536/F07/Lectures/ Lectures Assignments Discussion Board Related Readings Policies CS 536 : Programming Language Design Lectures and Notes Unless stated otherwise, readings are from the course text (available online), Programming Languages: Application and Interpretation (PLAI), by Shriram Krishnamurthi. We will use DrScheme for many programming assignments. Other language implementations will be provided when necessary. Date Lecture Topic Lecture Notes Due Extras 9/6 Overview; Introduction to Scheme PLAI: CH 1-2 hwk 0 9/13 Functions as values, Substitution, Adding Functions to the Language PLAI: CH 3-4 hwk 1 quicksort (deriving filter) Map/filter notes and exercises 9/20 Caching Substitution, Scoping, Haskell PLAI: CH 5-7 hwk
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Unformatted text preview: 2 9/27 Laziness and Recursion PLAI: CH 8-10 hwk 3 10/4 Mutation PLAI: CH 12-14 hwk 4 10/11 Web Programming and Continuations PLAI: CH 17-18 hwk 5 The conversion exercises from class 10/18 Programming with and Implementing Continuations PLAI: CH 19-20 The coroutines code, with notes 10/25 Garbage Collection PLAI: CH 21; Wilson's GC survey 11/1 Introduction to Types PLAI: CH 24-26 11/8 Type Inference PLAI: CH 27, 30 hwk 7 11/15 Polymorphism PLAI: CH 28, 29, 31 11/22 Thanksgiving: NO CLASS 11/29 Verification Notes in myWPI hwk 8 12/6 Lambda Calculus, Functional Reactive Programming, Wrap Up, Course Evals hwk 9 This page maintained by Kathi Fisler Department of Computer Science Worcester Polytechnic Institute...
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CS536 Lectures - 2 9/27 Laziness and Recursion PLAI CH 8-10...

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