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Leigh Gershman 12/11/01 Per. . 7 Industrial Revolution Essay The 19 th century was a dynamic setep in American interdependence. The Northern and Southern region sin the United States each contributed as producers and manufacturers to the booming economu, earning millions of dollars a year. The transportation system enhanced the distribution of products and the boost in the population provided a denser work force to make more products. Together, the population, transportation, foactories and cotton boom helped lessen the U.S.’s attachment to international markets. Inventions made a drastic change in the economy. The spinning jenny could produce thread faster than the hand could sew, it and several other sewing machines put artrisans out of business. In 1789 British inventor Samuel Slater left the scene of Britain’s thriving Industrial Revolution to plant factories in America with mechanical plans memorized for making the first successful machines in America. In Manchester, Massachusetts, Francis Cabot Lowell set up his first factory in 1832 in along the
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Industrial revolution essay - Leigh Gershman Per 7...

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