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Spenser Stoud Observation Paper November 26, 2007 Adolescence is a time of drastic changes in the way children look, feel, and act. I am familiar with the adolescence stage because I have a younger brother who is going through the stages of adolescence. Ryan is fourteen years old and I cannot believe how much he has changed and matured over the past few years. Over Christmas break, I got to spend a lot of time with Ryan and observe him also. Although I got to observe him, I found it hard to learn about his changes in thinking by just observing. I decided to also ask him questions and interview him in order to observe his cognitive and moral development. When I first arrived home I noticed that Ryan had purchased Guitar Hero III, which is a new video game that has become very popular over the past few months. Ryan was not home at the time but I decided I would ask him to play the next day and would observe him during that time. The next day we played Guitar Hero and he beat me every time. He had mentioned that he has a friend that is really good at the game and he wishes he could be just as good. I told him he just has to keep practicing and he said that he knew but sometimes he gets mad when he cant win and stops playing. After we were playing for a while my other brother, Nick, decided to join. Sean is much better at guitar hero than Ryan and when Sean got the high score, Ryan did not stop playing until he beat Sean’s score. After playing Guitar Hero for a while, I realized that all of this had to do with ones ability goal. An ability goal is a goal based on a desire to be superior to others. While playing Guitar Hero it was easy to see that Ryan was competitive and wanted to be better than me, his friend that he mentioned, and my brother Nick.
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On page 308 of our text book, an experiment is explained using a stop watch to test metamemory skills. I wanted to try this out with my brother while he was still playing Guitar Hero. Since we had already been playing for a while, I decided to use 15 minutes instead of 30. I gave him a stop watch and told him to play for 15 minutes and stop when he thought the 15
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observation_2 - Spenser Stoud Observation Paper November...

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