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1 Composition II Craig Crowder 05/02/07 F for Fear In the film V for Vendetta , the director, James McTeigue, reveals many parallels between the future England and our present America through the extensive use of fear in politics. The Chancellor, Adam Sutler, utilizes fear to rouse dependence and submission in the public. The film displays fear through the sensationalism of the media, the strict rules of the government and certain government restrictions. Our current nation exhibits analogous situations concerning these uses of fear. In the not so distant future, England’s government consists of the totalitarian control of Chancellor Sutler. The country abides under harsh rules and regulations imposed on them through the fear generated by the government. The government employs the harsh regulations as well as a sensationalistic media to aid in establishing fear in the public. A man, known only as V, emerges as a victim to the tests run by the government to prevent biological warfare. V seeks revenge through the use of terrorist tactics of blowing up the Parliament building to induce anarchy. V encourages rebellion throughout the country to overthrow the merciless totalitarian rule of Chancellor Sutler. V’s plan follows through as he intends, and the destruction of Parliament ensues, leaving the Chancellor’s reign to cease.
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2 The dictatorship of England in the movie uses fear to encourage the dependence of the public on the government. Chancellor Sutler, during a meeting between he and his closest staff, said, “I want everyone to remember why they need us!” (Hurt). Quickly following this statement, the newspapers and news reports on television began running many stories on the terror and horror outside of the country. Stories on America, which in the future becomes subject
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f for fear - 1 Composition II Craig Crowder F for Fear In...

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