VS 203 Key Quiz 2

VS 203 Key Quiz 2 - -Difficult since epidemiology is...

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VS 203 Quiz 2 Name_________________________________________ 1. Describe nervous coccidiosis, where does it occur, what are clinical signs, when does it occur, what is the mortality rate? - Clinical neurological signs (ex: ataxia) - Occurrence: Northwest and Western Canada - Mortality Rate: 50% - Prevalence: January through March 2. What are four aspects of Cryptosporidium that are different than coccidiosis? - Auto Infection - Zoonotic - Not host specific - No treatment - Hart to find oocysts 3. How is Cryptosporidiosis diagnosed? - IFA = immunofluorescent antibody - Acid fast stain - Immuno magnetic metod - PCR 4. What is the treatment for Cryptosporidia? - Non Specific - Just supportive fluids 5. What is a management strategy for Cryptosproidium? - Calving away from riparian areas 6. What is ubiquitous and what is the interrelated nature of this organism Cryptospridium? - Everywhere, wildlife, water supply, livestock, people - All interact and interrelate 7. Discuss prevention recommendations for Neospora on the dairy.
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Unformatted text preview: -Difficult since epidemiology is unknown-Prevent contamination of feed and water 8. What appreas to be the transmission of Neospora on the dairy?-Transplacental to the calf 9. Abortion diagnosis of Neospora should be based on what? (4)-IFA-ELISA-Immunohistochemistry-Histology-PCR 10. What appears to be the definitive host of Neospora Caninum and what is the intermediate host?-Dogs are both the definitive and intermediate host 11. What are four possible results of Neosproa in boving fetuses?-Reabsorption-Mummification-Still Born-Living 12. What is the definitive host of Equine Protozoal Encephalitis and what is the dead end or aberrant host?-Definitive = Opossum-Aberrant = Horse 13. What is the intermediate host(s)?-Racoon-Fox-Armadillo-Cat 14. What are the clinical signs of EPM?-Various neurological signs...
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VS 203 Key Quiz 2 - -Difficult since epidemiology is...

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