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VS 203 Key Quiz 1 - -Anal paralysis-Difficulty defecating 7...

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Quiz 1 VS 203 Fall 2007 Name____________________________ 1.) What are four groups of Protozoa? - Sporozoa - Flagella - Amoeba - Iliates 2.) What is the etiology of coccidiosis? - Protozoa - Sporozoa - Apicomplexa - Coccidia - Eimeridae - Isospora 3.) What are the three stages of the life cycle of coccidian? - Sporogony - Gametogony (sexual, asexual) - Schizogony 4.) What are the hosts of Coccidiosis? - Most all animals 5.) What is host specific? - Only infects that specific host 6.) What are the clinical signs of Coccidiosis? - Bloody diarrhea
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Unformatted text preview: -Anal paralysis-Difficulty defecating 7.) What are the subclinical effects of Coccidiosis?-Decreased growth rate-Decreased feed efficiency-Decreased feed intake 8.) What is premunition immunity?-State of immunity where the organism presents no clinical signs 9.) What is the control of Coccidiosis, name four products.-Decox-Bovatec-Lasalocid-Sulfas 10.) What is the prevention of Coccidiosis?-Sanitation-Feed off the ground-Stop fecal/oral transmission...
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