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VS 203 Key Quiz 3 - Ascarids?-Visceral larva migrams 8....

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VS 203 Quiz 3 fall 2007 name_________________________________ 1. What is the nomenclature of Ascarids? (including horse, pig, raccoon, and dog) - Animal nemathelmiathes, nematode, ascaridae i. Parascaris ii. Ascaris iii. Baylisascaris iv. Toxocara 2. What is an indirect life cycle? - No intermediate host 3. Describe infective stage and pre-patent period. - Stage where the cycle continues to infect the next host - Time from infection to mature adult-egg production 4. For ascarids what is the adult location, what is the infective stage, and what is the prepatent period? - Small intestine - L3 - 2 months 5. What are the three areas where pathology occurs with Ascarids? - Liver, lungs, small intestine 6. What is a variation of the Ascarid lifestyle in dogs? - The larva move into puppy lungs which then are born infected 7. What is the condition that may occur in people (usually young) from dog
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Unformatted text preview: Ascarids?-Visceral larva migrams 8. What is the etiology/nomenclature for Strongyles?-Animal nemathelminthes, nematode, strongylidae strongylus (cyathostomes) - .5 EC if last word included 9. What is the feeding method of cestodes, ascarids, and strongyles?-Absorption, ingestion, plug feeding 10. What is L4 location, and the pretatent period of the most severe large strongyle?-Anterior mesenteric artery-6 months 11. Describe diagnosis of strongylosis?-History, clinical signs, fecal floatation and larva culture, colic, surgery, post mortem 12. Discuss metaphylactic application and rotation for control of strongyles?-Treatment when anticipated-Change products so not to develop resistance....
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