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Chem 317 - Set 6 extra problems

Chem 317 - Set 6 extra problems - H N d e 5 Complete each...

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Chem 317 Problem Set 6 Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives 1. Show the mechanism for each of the following reactions: a) O OH + CH 3 OH H + O O + H 2 O b) + Cl O OH O + HCl 2. Write the products for each of the following. Use mechanisms to explain the different results. a) OH O + CH 3 Li b) O O + CH 3 Li OH OH O OH O F F OH O F OH O F OH O OH O OH O F OH O NO 2 OH O OH O I OH O OH OH O OH NO 2 3. Rank the following from most to least acidic: A. B. C.
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Problem Set 7. Page 2 O - + Na OH O OH O NO 2 O - + Na O O Cl O - + Na O 4. Complete the following reactions and determine the direction of the equilibrium: N H O + a. O - + Na b. + c. O O + +
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Unformatted text preview: H N d. + e. 5. Complete each of the following: a) COOH 1) LAH 2) H + b) Br O O 1) Mg, ether 2) CO 2 3) H + c) Cl O + O O O Problem Set 7. Page 3 O O N HO OH O N O O O O O O 6. Propose syntheses for the following products. Remember that the double arrow means retrosynthesis: the product is on the left and the starting materials are on the right! a. b. Br c. O + d. d) OH + O O e) O O + NH 2 f) O O NaOH g) O O O + OH h) Br O Cl...
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