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VS 229 - Quiz 5 KEY

VS 229 - Quiz 5 KEY - Ventilation is the flow of air...

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Quiz 5 – Key 1. What muscles are involved in inspiration? Diaphragm and intercostals muscles 2. What is the ratio of time of expiration to inspiration? 2:1 3. What is apnea and dyspnea? Apnea is without breathing Dyspnea is difficult breathing 4. What are four of the six layers of the alveolar membrane? Alveolar wall – simple squamous epithelium Basement membrane of alveolar wall Interstitial space Capillary wall – simple squamous epithelium Basement membrane of cap wall 5. What are two of the three cell types in the alveoli? Alveolar epithelium, alveolar type II, alveolar macrophage 6. Describe ventilation/perfusion match and mismatch? Where does this occur?
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Unformatted text preview: Ventilation is the flow of air; perfusion is the flow of blood This occurs in the alveoli and pulmonary capillaries 7. What is the high pressure and low pressure potions of the circulatory tract? High pressure = systemic Low pressure = pulmonary 8. What are four layers of heart tissues? Epicardium/visceral pericardium, parietal pericardium, myocardium, endocardium 9. What are the four chambers of the heart? Left / Right ventricle, Left/ Right Atrium 10. What vessels return blood to the heart? Right side – Anterior/Posterior (or superior/inferior) vena cava Left side – Pulmonary veins...
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