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Chem 317 - Quiz 4

Chem 317 - Quiz 4 - O H O H Cl O O b Which of the following...

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CHEM 317 Quiz 4—not graded Winter 2008 Name:______________________________ 1. Complete each of the following reactions. If no reaction occurs, write ‘No reaction’. a) O + 2 CH 3 CH 2 OH H+ b) O 1) NH 2 NH 2 2) KOH, heat 2. Circle the correct response(s) for each of the following: a) Which of the following is the most reactive?
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Unformatted text preview: O H O H Cl O O b) Which of the following reagents is used in the Wittig reaction? LiAlH 4 SHCH 2 CH 2 SH PPh3 NH 2 NH 2 3. Using correct arrow formalism, show the mechanism for the following transformation: O NH 2 pH = 4.5 N...
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