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test 1 outline - Which amino acid normally forms disulfide...

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Which amino acid normally forms disulfide bonds? o Cysteine What is the consequence on peptide chain of forming disulfide bonds? o Stability due to conformational changes List the amino acids that are often phosphorylated in a cell. o Serine, threonine, tyrosine Hydroxyl group enables phosphorylation Methionine starts each polypeptide chain only has one codon APE o Large an small subunits of he ribosome come together an create three important functional regions involved in translating the mRNA o A – changed tRNA, codon/anticodon, acceptor site o P – peptidyl bonding site o E – exit site, release tRNA to enable new attachment TBP o Tata box binding protein, enable RNa polymerase to attach to transcribe the template strand. Calvin Cycle o Chloriplast gives the plant cells the baliity to produce disaccharides it needs for energy snRNPs o splicing combination of small nuclear RNA and proteins responsible for splicing process o involves the removal of introns using a selected adeosine and lariat structure – occurs in the nucleus. o RNa molecule cannot enter the ribosomes for transcription until the RNA is spliced capped and poly adenylated Amyloplast o Non pigmented organelles in plant cells used for storage or starch. The cells are located in stroma TFIIH
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test 1 outline - Which amino acid normally forms disulfide...

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