Principles of Macroeconomics (with Xtra!)

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T HE U NIVERSITY OF T ORONTO AT S CARBOROUGH Division of Management ECM C40H – Lec 01 Economics of Organization and Management Spring 2008 Instructor Jack Parkinson Office: MW-380 Email: [email protected] Tel: 287-7339 Website: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~parkinson/ Office hours: Class Thursdays 9-11 am in MW-170 Required Text Economics of Strategy (4 th Edition) , 2007. By D. Besanko, D. Dranove, M. Shanley, and S. Schaefer (John Wiley and Sons) Evaluation and Outline Midterm Exam: 30% February 28 th (1.5 hours long - In class!) Assignments: 20% Two assignments (worth 10% each) Final Exam: 50% Final Exam Period April 14 th – May 2 nd , 2008 Comments This course covers economics of the internal organization of the firm. The emphasis will be on the economic relationships between various parties involved in running a business: managers, shareholders, workers, banks, and the government. Topics will include the role of organizations in market economies, contractual theory, risk sharing, property rights, corporate financial structure and vertical integration. By the end of the course, students are expected to be able to apply appropriate theories to different market situations, and to make sound economic arguments. Term test and the final exam, will emphasize applied and theoretical problem solving with some, but
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