VS 203 - Midterm I Key

VS 203 - Midterm I Key - 12. Cross Infection a. Two or more...

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Midterm I VS 203 Fall 2007 Name__________________________ Terms 1. Pathogenesis a. Development/progress and disease process in the host. How the organism causes the disease. 2. Pyometra a. Pus in the uterus 3. Treatment/Control/Prevention a. Giving medicine to the sick b. Subclinical control with vaccine or medicine c. No disease through management by stopping the source of interaction 4. Indirect Life Cycle a. Cycle that has an intermediate host 5. Final Host a. Where the adult parasite lives and sexual reproduction occurs 6. Dead End Host a. Abnormal, aberrant host where the life cycle does not continue 7. Hermaphrodite a. Both male and female structures within the same organism 8. Reservoir a. Carrier. Source of infection b. Usually storage in wildlife’s environment 9. Etiology/Nomenclature a. Name b. Classification 10. Host Specific a. Only affects one host 11. Contagious Enteritis a. Inflammation of the intestines that is transmissible
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Cross Infection a. Two or more hosts 13. Subclinical a. No clinical signs observed or visible 14. Epizootiology a. Study of life cycle out of the host b. Source of infection, susceptible host, transmission, study of outbreak c. Study of the occurrence of the disease 15. Mortality a. Death 16. Differential Diagnosis a. List of similar diseases 17. Zoonosis a. A disease that humans can give to animals and animals can give to humans 18. Enzootic a. Disease present in the population 19. Premunition a. State of immunity where the organism is present but there are no clinical signs 20. Oocyst a. Egg 21. Auto Infection a. Infection within the host 22. Vector a. Organism that is the method of transmission 23. Intermediate Host a. Where asexual reproduction occurs 24. Etiology a. Name of the organism 25. Tenesmus a. Straining to defecate...
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VS 203 - Midterm I Key - 12. Cross Infection a. Two or more...

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