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ASCI 223 - Exam 1 Questions

ASCI 223 - Exam 1 Questions - 1 The effect of WWII had what...

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1. The effect of WWII had what effect on the sheep eating industry? 2. What is meet form an older sheep called? 3. What type of market do Club lambs producers, seedstock producers, and solar farmers market their products in? 4. Circle the correct terms: Proper management of any grazing animal can increase/decrease plant growth, thereby reducing Oxygen/ Carbon dioxide levels. 5. Circle the correct terms: In the food web, the more different/ similar kinds of organisms present, the greater/ lesser chance that that web can survive a challenge, such as disease. 6. Circle the correct term: Ewes/ rams are replaced more rapidly in a sheep management program. 7. Are range operators more likely to buy or raise their own sheep when it comes to finding replacements and why? 8. What is the term used to describe a castrated male? 9. Describe the goals of the solar farmer operation. 10. Fill in the blank: The greatest number of sheep is found in ________________ productions, while the greatest number of people involved is found in the ___________ production. 11. What is the #1 sheep predator? 12. What is the most common sheep breed in the United States? 13. What is a group of sheep called? 14. Define Metabolism. 15. Define Disease. 16. Why do Milk Fed Producers have a Fall lambing season? 17. What is Flushing? 18.What State is # 1 for both sheep numbers and sheep operations? 19. Name one reason for a decline in sheep populations after 1955.. 20. What are the three levels of organization in a group of hearded sheep? 21. Name two reasons ewes weights may differ at breeding time.
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22. Name a reason to breed sheep out of season. 23. How is physical control best maintained over a sheep? 24. What is the number one reason sheep become emaciated?
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