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OEDIPUSREXTEACHINGN OTES SUMMARYOFOEDIPUSR EX KEYF ACTS Publication Date: 429 BCE; 2005 (Literary Touchstone Classicsedition) Length: 80 pages (Literary Touchstone Classicsedition) Recommended Grade Band: 9-10 According to Fate, the son of Laius and Jocasta, the king and queen of Thebes, will someday murder his father and marry his mother. In an effort to circumvent this prophecy, his parents cast him into the wilderness to die. However, the child is rescued and brought to the royal family of another country, who name him Oedipus. As an adult, Oedipus learns of the prophecy and leaves home in an attempt to prevent the events from coming true. His travels bring him to Thebes, where he quarrels with a man and kills him. Later, Oedipus is crowned king of Thebes and marries the queen. Years pass, during which Oedipus has many children and proves he is worthy of his title. When hard times befall the city, a messenger from Apollo states that the curse will be lifted only after the
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